Hello world!

– Okay, that did not just happen. Right?
– I’m afraid it did.
– So, you’re saying…
– Yes.
– You know how utterly embarrassing that is? I’m supposed to be a digital humanist, you know.
– Not my fault you didn’t upgrade WordPress since version 2.7 something. Guess it’s your chance now to show how you shine at legacy database migrations.
– Sure, like all cool “hold my beer while I type this SQL.”
– You might as well pick up a habit of making backups routinely. And while you’re at it, you can iron out the glitches in the old posts. Oh, and take care of a new design.
– You’re not funny, you know.
– Wasn’t trying to be. It’s a disaster really. Need a small violin?

“Brandaen’s Flow” crashed and burned on 22 September 2020, 00:34. Could at least have been 00:22.

1995: “Under construction” (might even have blinked)

2005: “I’m rebranding my website, it’ll be Web 2.0 soon”

2015: “I’m on Facebook” / “Look at my Twitter feed”

202009220034: “…”

2025: “I’m rewriting my site in plain html 1.0”

The history of the web is perpetual reconstruction anyway.

So hold on while I redo this site.

I’ll make backups.

I promise.

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