Archive of Projects

Interedition, 2007-2012. An EU funded (COST/ESF) international project on interoperable infrastructure for digital scholarly editions. Cf. and The vision of the project group -comprised of international leading experts on digital editing, scholarly research and Humanities Computing- is for a protocol, infrastructure and/or compliance agreement enabling distributed digital editions. An on line scholarly edition … Continue reading Project

CollateX, 2008-2009. Development project initiated, conceptualized and run by me to deliver the first proof of concept prototype for the Interedition project (cf. CollateX is a collation tool for texts, a webservice that infers how one line of text was altered into another. It’s not one of the numerous instantiations of the well known … Continue reading Project

eLaborate 2, 2007-2010. Successor to eLaborate Classic. It’s first aim is to produce an on line publication framework to put a basic generalized web front end to any edition prepared in eLaborate Classic or ported into it in the form of TEI compliant XML. Meanwhile the beta of the purely third party open source libraries … Continue reading Project

WomenWriters, 2001-current. NWO funded project WomenWriters produced an on line database containing information (book titles, data, facts, and starting points for interpretation) on the literary production of European and North American women up to c. 1900 and on the reception of these works by contemporaries and literary historians (both men and women). It’s interoperable with … Continue reading Project

eLaborate Classic (formerly: e-Laborate), 2004-2008 cf. An on line virtual collaboratory for the production of ‘digital born’ scholarly editions of (mostly) literary texts. It combines a dogmatic bare to the bone KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to usability with an approach of technically ‘wrapping’ domain concepts from off line (traditional) scholarly editing. Conceptual … Continue reading Project

COB (Collaborative Online Bibliography framework), 2007 – current. Branch of and successor to the BNTL project (cf. to support multiple bibliographies with an open source framework. Technically its main merit is ease of deployment, configurability and skinnability of the BNTL bibliographical framework to support multiple localised instantiations (cf. (Role: consultancy)

Stylometry, 2004-current. Project on the possibilities for quantitative stylometric analysis of literary texts. This research is driven by both methodological as well as technical innovations. Methodological we introduce a more empirical approach by using statistical inference for validating hypotheses on authorship, style and topic changes etc. This empirical approach is levered by new digital technologies … Continue reading Project

Autonom, 2002-2004. An on line shared text analysis work bench. Tools included a project portfolio, a fast work-flow for semi automated lemmatization (for the purpose of statistical aggregation), NER (Named Entity Recognition) capabilities, concordancing, expandable KWIC (Keyword in Context), text generation. (Role: functional and usability design, development, conceptual architecture, research.)

BNTL (Bibliografie van de Nederlandse Taal- en Literatuurwetenschap), 2000 – current. Project to realize a new on line biblography for this once PICA-database containing about 350.000 bibliographic metadata items. The three main goals of the project are: 1) create and support a workflow that is less labor intensive while preserving output volume and quality; 2) … Continue reading Project

EVA (European Visual Archive Project), 2000-2002. The European Visual Archive is a searchable image resource containing thousands of historical photographs from the collections of amongst others the London Metropolitan Archives and the Stadsarchief Antwerpen. From a research perspective usability and metadata scheming were the more interesting aspects. (Role: functional and usability design, development, project organisation.) … Continue reading Project