WomenWriters, 2001-current. NWO funded project WomenWriters produced an on line database containing information (book titles, data, facts, and starting points for interpretation) on the literary production of European and North American women up to c. 1900 and on the reception of these works by contemporaries and literary historians (both men and women). It’s interoperable with the KNAW digital repository of the 18/19th century journal the Vaderlandsche Letteroefeningen, produced using eLaborate (cf. A running COST application called NEWW (New approaches to European Women’s Writing) is seeking funding for developement of a next version of the database. Technologically and methodologically the most interesting part of this project is the aim to seperate datastructure from analysis model -which were inextricably meshed upon each other in version 1- to be able to support multiple distributed analyses models. (Role: consultancy on project organisation, funding, develoment and implementation.)