Interedition, 2007-2012. An EU funded (COST/ESF) international project on interoperable infrastructure for digital scholarly editions. Cf. and The vision of the project group -comprised of international leading experts on digital editing, scholarly research and Humanities Computing- is for a protocol, infrastructure and/or compliance agreement enabling distributed digital editions. An on line scholarly edition would no longer depend on singular (institution level) based server data and applications. Rather distributed web services would enable scholarly researchers to transparantly construct digital editions from textual, visual, and commentary resources from geographically dispersed data. The project will deliver a set of four proof of concept distributed web services demonstrating the viability of the infrastructure and concepts; a roadmap for the implementation of the interoperability enabling techniques; and a 7th Frame Work Program application to apply for funding of the implementation. (Role: initiator, funding applicant, Chair of the COST Action.)