eLaborate Classic (formerly: e-Laborate), 2004-2008 cf. An on line virtual collaboratory for the production of ‘digital born’ scholarly editions of (mostly) literary texts. It combines a dogmatic bare to the bone KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to usability with an approach of technically ‘wrapping’ domain concepts from off line (traditional) scholarly editing. Conceptual wrapping hides technical specifis (like XML and Text Objects Modeling) from text researchers by presenting them as tangible tools reminiscent of concepts in the off line domain (e.g. ‘transcript’, ‘annotation’, ‘folium’, ‘edition’ etc. rather than ‘XML/TEI-file’, ‘XHTML-fragment’, ‘JPEG-scan’, ‘IFrame’, ‘web page folder’.) Together with an agile (i.e. evolutionary, user centered, sustainable) development methodology, these approaches resulted in the first succesfull -as to the number of users- digital production environment for scholarly editions. (Role: conceptual and functional design, research, development, project leader, consultant, support, strategics)